January 25, 2006

txt msg

My husband, RJ, took his cell phone back to the manufacturer for a repair and got a loaner phone. Later that day we were sitting in Timmy's having lunch and he started to explore the phone. It wasn't as modern looking as his, no colour screen or Go Leafs Go ring tone however he did stumble across some of the previous loaners text messages. The incoming box had 4 messages.

Msg 1 'Sorry you lost your voice, I had so much fun with you, I can't stop thinking about you'. Msg 2 'Happy Birthday, hope to see you soon'.
Msg 3 was sexy and flirty, from the same phone number in mesg 1. We decided the sender was female.
Msg 4 seemed to take a turn for the worse. It's tone was 'stop messaging me, we shouldn't see each other any more. this was a mistake'

I felt slightly sad for Mr. Loaner. In the 6 days that he had the phone he found a girl, had a good time with the girl, had a birthday and lost the girl.

In the 6 days RJ had to phone, he had three calls. What a life we lead.

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