February 21, 2006


A layout of my close friend Nicole and her daughter Allie on one of their trips to Ontario in 2003. Nic and family live in beautiful Panorama, B.C. where they have their own High Alpine Adventure tour company Toby Creek Adventures. (if you go to Banff you have to see them!)

I'm proud that we have remained close friends over the years. I knew Nic in high school but we become best friends in university, a re-defining time in my life. I remember summer break after our first year, we couldn't go a day without talking or seeing each other. She became a part of my life, my routine. It was like inheriting a sister, at a time in my life when I needed one the most. Nic's an inspiration to me. She doesn't take b.s. and she doesn't give it. She always listens with a compassion that can be felt over any distance. She's someone I can talk to about anything and when I'm with her, it's like we've never been apart. She's family.

To Nic, I'm a better person because of you.

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Nicole said...

Well, I must admit this made me cry - Karen I must say the same of you.
You have always been there for me, and even though we are MILES apart I think of you often and you will always be a part of my and my girls lives! Love you lots and hugs and kisses from Allie and Tasha! Nic