March 01, 2006

by James Christensen
image c/o Greenwich Workshop

I adore James Christensen's work. I met him once at an Art Gallery in TO. He was very nice and spent a lot of time speaking with everyone in line. The dedication that he put on the book and posters we bought was beautifully done. He told my Mom and I that he was amazed that so many people had shown up. He stayed an extra three hours to finish meeting everyone. His work constantly inspires me with it's beautiful colours, hidden images and heartfelt message. Twilight is a newer work of his. I liked it from the moment I saw it, and loved it once I read this:

"This painting is a love story," says James Christensen. "Love on many different levels, but most importantly, the power of that which is everlasting. It is rich in symbols that suggest the close of a chapter; the twilight hour of day, the final phase of the moon, the turning leaves on an autumn tree and the checkerboard road that comes to an end. Even though this couple needs help in just getting around, they seem unconcerned. Despite the limitations of old age, they are supported by loved ones, surrounded by a lifetime of favorite things and they have each other. The carnation he offers her is a symbol of enduring love."

On the more playful side, I also like his "
poofy guy"

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