March 29, 2006

19 weeks

Week 20 was a black hole. Everything was sucked out of me. I sat down on the couch Saturday at 2pm and watched the TBS line-up: Step-Mom, You've got Mail, My Best Friends Wedding and the beginning of Mr. Deeds. I still can't believe I did that. I sat there thinking, what am I doing? how is this improving my life? and why do I cry every time Meg Ryan closes her Shop Around the Corner? Every time.

This week will be different. Let's face facts, I'm still not going to exercise but I'm going to make a game plan. I'm giving myself the rest of this week to get 'stuff' done and then I'm going to kick butt, my butt. I've got to because 19 weeks sounds a lot like 9 weeks and that's just Around The Corner.

This is the shirt I needed on Saturday. c/o these people

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