March 14, 2006

21 Weeks Update

Thanks to my Bro for the list of tunes to work out to.
Jen has joined the Running Room. I hummed and hahed over joining, but I can't commit to the 3 set times right now. I know, it's silly, who can't commit to Mon, Wed, Sun for 1 hour? Well, It looks like my lazy-gut instinct was right this time. Sunday, RJ and I found a house that we have an accepted offer on. Yeah! We still need to sell the condo to firm it up financially, but I could be out of Toronto in two months or less.
So, this weeks work-out is Stress. I'm good at stressing, ask anyone! However, the symptoms of stress can be a double edged sword. I could run around, forget to eat and drop 4 pounds. Or, I could have sleepless nights and munch while writing out list(condo) after list(new home) after list (money) after list (new job). It's easier at home, we don't have a lot of bad snack food around. It's the 3 established Timmie's runs at work that are my Achilles heel. The donuts, cookies, toasted bagel w/ cream cheese. AND a lack of money doesn't stop it, because our go-for-Tim guy, will spot me the cash, or if I say no, he'll show up with my usual anyhow because he knows I'm good for the money. My co-workers are so nice to me. It will be sad to leave them.

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