March 16, 2006

Spy-Daddy's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jack Bristow. At 57, you ROCK!

RJ once asked me "Here's a good toss up Karen, Jack Bristow or Jack Bauer" Without a second thought, I said Jack Bristow. I can see that some might think it's a close call, however Jack Bristow has it goin' on. Bauer gets his act together for 24 hours every two years, Bristow maintains he kick-assness all year long. Jen also answered Jack Bristow. True, we are a little bias but he's just so AWEsome. I wonder what my brother would say. Here are his general comments after the first episode of season 5: Why didn't Jack have any kick-ass lines? Is Sloane on the Aitkens diet? Looks like he is 80 lbs. Why didn't Jack kick anyone's ass? Who were all those people at Vaughn's funeral? How many people could he really know? He doesn't have a family, really, and he works underground so they couldn't be agency people. And why wasn't Marshal's wife at the funeral? Why didn't Jack give a kick-ass eulogy at the funeral?

I have faith that JJ will make the last episodes of Alias (starting April 19th) kick-ass and not disappoint his devoted fans.

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mel & james said...

A very tough call! It really depends on what kind of rubric you are applying to said Jacks.

For example, Bauer can sure kick a lot of ass and ANYONE's ass. In fact, if he was given a mandate to kick everyone's ass, I'm sure he could do it. Bauer, however, lacks in the deception and underground quality that Bristow has.

Bristow could decide to kick your ass and wait till you least expected it... and then convince you that you actually kicked your own ass.

Not to say Bauer isn't a thinking-man's ass-kicker... but he, obviously, has time limits.