April 05, 2006

Corners - The Chair

I want to start Corners of my Home for two reasons. I'm leaving this home with it's few corners for a larger home with more corners.
As a tribute to my husband my first Corner entry will be about The Chair. He's Maple Leaf Gardens grey section seat. The Chair sits in a very small corner in front of the furnace grate. This seat is fairly well known by reputation in our circle of friends. It's one of RJ's most prized possessions.
I had a blanket that was embroidered with Karen & RJ surrounded by a heart, hanging over the seat for the past three years. When we de-cluttered the condo for selling, it was the first thing RJ wanted gone. I think he had been pondering it for a while and this was his chance to get it off The Chair without hurting my feelings. Well thought out Honey.
RJ recalls fondly and frequently the first time condo maintenance came to look at our furnace and the guy commented "You have a Leaf Chair? Awesome" I wasn't there, but I can only speculate that it was followed with furnace guy saying "Your wife must be super cool to allow you to keep it right here in the living room. You've got a good woman there."
It's used occasionally when in desperate need to rally behind the White and Blue during playoff games. It's gathered a lot of dust this year.
Off to the new house it goes. I think there is a perfect spot for it in our unfinished basement, however we may have to use it as a dining chair if we have more than 4 people over for dinner!

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Arge said...

Well I didn't have to scan this one too long to find my name!

Good piece honey, although I could have done without the shot at the buds. That's going to cost you a few extra golf games this year...