April 07, 2006

Another website

I just signed up for a website with Close To My Heart. The style and set-up is controlled by Corporate, but I do get to add a few things that make it me. My Bio and my Art. I started to look at the art that I had done and it's minimal. I like scrapbooking, I love looking at other peoples ideas and I do a lot of sketching and 'scraplifting' of layouts and cards but I haven't spent a lot of time actually scrapping. I started scrapping because I wanted to do my wedding album. I've been married for 3 years now and don't have a single layout complete. The act of putting together such a large album was a bad place for me as a beginner to start. Especially because I am planner and I need to know what every page will look like before I start. I'm less like this now. When we move to the new house I am very excited about having a crafting area. It will be in the basement but I'm okay with that. An area that I can spread out in, a place to leave my work out and let the creative juices simmer and sink in. I'm going to try and get at least half of my wedding album done before our 4th anniversary and completed before our 5. I know, it's a generous amount of time, how could it not be done by then. Well, we'll see.

Here is my business website. http://karenlpayne.myctmh.com The best part, is the shopping on-line!

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