May 19, 2006

My Boy and his toy

RJ is a very patient golf fanatic, as most Canadian golfers are. There are potentially only 6 months of they year that allow the game of golf to be played. But it's been a week of rainy days, at the beginning of the season and it was too much for RJ to take. It became necessary to purchase Real World Golf for PS2. Our family room has now become a 24-7 driving range. Pro: No divots taken out of the carpet Con: Golfing at mid-night with shouts of 'you've got to be kidding me' when the PS2 Golf Commentator says "Looks like someone needs a lesson!"
We're not sure how the game will effect RJ's outdoor golf game. Let's hope the Cheesebag Tourney is not in jeopardy!

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