May 17, 2006


Last Friday we went to see Coriolanus at The Stratford Festival. It was excellent. I always enjoy going and now it's practically in my backyard, so I plan on seeing a lot more plays. We went courtesy of our friend Amy. She is a seamstress there and occasionally receives a set of free tickets. Amy made some of the costumes in this play. I joked 'how hard could it be to make a few dozen togas'. I should have known that this is not a toga kind of place or play. The costumes were beautiful, Amy is exceptionally talented.
There are always those first moments at the beginning of Shakespeare plays, were you sit watching the actors say words you recognize, but not in any coherent, fluid way. Then you get the Shake-ear 15 minutes later and everything starts to make a little more sense. As always there was humour and romance and of course tragic death plagues the end and our hero. My attention was mainly on Coriolanus, played by Colm Feore. I'm a little sweet on him. I think it's mainly his voice and also his presence. I haven't seen much of his work, but I do know he looks great in a Navy uniform (Pearl Harbour) and can play really-creep-bad-guy well (Storm of the Century). He can also sing and dance and I will hopefully see him in Oliver! this year at Stratford. IMBD also says that Colm has appeared in Forever Knight, a vampire/police tv show that I vaguely remember seeing commercials for as a teen. This is intriguing because Colm was in My Fair Lady two years ago. I missed his performance by a week and ended up seeing Geriant Wyn in the role of Prof. Higgins. Wyn was the main character in Forever Knight. It all comes full circle in Canadian entertainment.

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