June 29, 2006


The following article was taken from Cottage Life Magazine, June 2006. It says:
The 5-k club - Our water ritual on Lac des Seize Ilse,
in the Laurentians, started 86 years ago and is still going strong. Every
summer, members of out cottage community, young and old, attempt to swim the 5
kilometer length of the lake. They must be accompanied by a spotter in a rowboat
or canoe and cannot touch the boat or stop along the way. If successful, the
swimmers names and times are engraved on a silver trophy. So far, about 50 have
gone the distance and my daughter Kristen is one of them. She made the swim when
she was 15, in 1987, with her brother rowing alongside, playing loud music and
feeding her peanut butter sandwiches, Kristen finished in 2 hours, 10 minutes
and 30 seconds, and remembers is as the proudest accomplishment of her young

I like that it states that 'young and old attempt to swim'. I don't think that I'm either but somewhere in between. Young enough that people aren't going to think I'm silly-crazy for attempting it but old enough that when my time is over 2 hours 10 minutes and 30 seconds, that I'll still be proud. It will be one of the proudest moments of my mid-life? Am I into mid-life yet? I'll just be proud to finish without passing out!
With only 5 weeks left, Valerie is still sitting on the fence. She doesn't want to swim if it's cold. It's August of course it won't be cold and even if it is, anyone who has ever had swimming lessons in the morning, knows that it is always warmer in the water than on land.
Jen and I are both psyched for it. Jen's got her brother's case of beer riding on finishing and I've got, well I've been talking the talk to you guys. All 8 of you now (yes we are increasing in numbers) I've said I'm going to do it and gosh darn it I will walk the walk.
But I do have to find out more about this trophy!

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