July 21, 2006

Bauer, our puppy not Jack

Introducing the newest Payne family member, Bauer! (A&E's influence at work. I swear you can catch 24 on at least 3 times a day, more on the weekend!)

We found Bauer on the Cambridge SPCA website. His mother had a litter of 10 pups, they are all refugees from Louisiana. The SPCA's there are full to the brim with abandoned dogs. Cambridge SPCA has taken over 75 dogs in the last three months to help relieve some of their burden. The pups have just turned 8 weeks are were put up for adoption on Wednesday. (as of now, there are only two sweet pups left)

Bauer is a Lab/Hound X, although his mother was a Terrier X. From the sound of his howling last night, I'd definitely say there is a Hound/Terrier gene swarming in there.
He's a very happy puppy and is starting to adjust to his surroundings. He loves the Bonus room and crawls between the couch and my exercise ball to sleep. He'll probably out grow that in 2 weeks.
Bauer is also a male dog, which was fairly evident when we got him home as h
e loves watching TV and...
he takes lots of naps, just like (and with) his Dad.
p.s. We have changed his name 3 times in the past 24 hours (ha, Bauer, 24 get it?). I don't know what kind of damage this is going to cause him but I applaud Katy and Nick for their decisiveness naming Emma.


Nic said...

He is soooooo cute!! Way to go Karen - this is yet another item to RJ busy!!! Hide your shoes!!
Very sweet - Allie is dying to come visit!

Monika said...

Oh my sweetness, what a cute little addition to the family! Can definitely not wait to meet the little fellow. Maybe one of these days, Bauer will be able to wear Falcon out for us.... *smile*

mel said...

he is such a cutie!!! we can't wait for him to meet his cousin oscar :) i think your mom is really starting to think she won't ever have any actual grandchildren, just grandpuppies. she actually has a picture of oscar in her purse - we'll need to make sure she has one of bauer too...see you soon!

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