July 26, 2006

Puppy Tip #1

Here's a Puppy Tip that you will not find in any book. Do not bring a puppy into your life, home and heart if you are or are going to be PMSing in the next 24 hours. Oh.My.God. It has been a very long 5 days here. I've been off-the-hook with worry about feeding, training, crating, playing, housetraining, biting, routines. I have used the words pee and poop in the last 5 days more than I have in my life time, I'm sure of it! And I'm working on no sleep, no sleep! I get up almost every hour to watch Bauer pee and possibly poo and reward the daylights out of him for doing it in the yard not in the house. Here's where the PMS comes in....I spontaneously cry for all the above mentioned reasons and the smaller ones (there are no M&M's left?) and the bigger 'more drama' reasons (I've ruined him in only 5 days!)

But, things are getting better now that training (sit, stay, lie down) and crate training are both starting to work. We still made a few slip ups in the beginning, and he's a smart boy so it's going to take a lot of untraining to get him to come around.

Anyone (dog-free) in the area is welcome to stop by and meet Bauer. However please be warned, the house is a mess and smells of a combination of Fabreze and kibble, I may fall asleep in the middle of your conversation (speak loudly) and I may call you Puppy or Good Boy.


Cherrie said...

Welcome to the world of parenting!

mel said...

isn't it crazy how everything become about the dog??? i'm sure you are doing a FANTASTIC job! we can't wait to meet him....especially oscar!

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