August 10, 2006


Wednesday we had a visit from Daryl, our trainer from Bark Busters. I had made the appointment 2 weeks ago when Bauer was driving me crazy with his biting. Before Daryl arrived I had a brief moment of 'did-I-over-react'? He hasn't stopped biting, in fact he was now tearing our pajama pants. But we had settled into a routine and now the biting seemed normal. I then straightened myself out 'biting should not be normal'. When he has a full set of adult teeth, it won't be as 'cute'.

Daryl was here for three hours, reviewing the Bark Buster philosophy, showing use basic training techniques with a very sleepy Bauer. When he left RJ and I were thoroughly exhausted. Huge overload in the membrane but that is what I was looking for.

So where does BAAHHH fit into this. First, it's not Bahhhhh like the sound a sheep makes. It's BAAHHH, short (like Bah humbug) and said in a low growly voice. Sometimes accompanied by a clap or pillow (bag with chain link in it) for a stronger affect. Let me clarify that the pillow is not thrown at the dog, but near him (Although accidents happen when your dog thinks it's a toy). Supposedly they don't like the sound it makes on the floor. Anytime Bauer attemps to do or does something wrong we BAAHHH him. If he stops we praise him in a high fun voice, if he doesn't stop we repeat BAAHHH and add in an aid.

We say BAAHHH a LOT. After 5 hours of BAAHHH RJ was more than ready to leave on his business trip ASAP. No one likes to reprimand their puppy consistently but he's now 12.6 pounds, it will be much easier now than when he's 50 pounds.

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