October 05, 2006

Just give us The Cup now!

For those of you with non-sports husbands, it's NHL time again. Time to dust off the #17 Maple Leaf jersey, finalize hockey pool picks and let the games begin. And last until mid-June. For 3 nights a week I will start to hear the classic phrases "Shoot the puck Kaberle!", "There it is!", "SCORE!", "Penalty!".

Through the years I have also found that there is a direct correlation between the time remaining in the game, the Leafs goal count, and where RJ sits on the sofa. ie: Little time, low goal count, edge of the sofa. Lots of time, low goal count, middle of the sofa. Lots of time, high goal count, back of the sofa perusing a magazine.

Then there is the famous, no talking during the game rule. This rule has become a little more flexible over the years and again directly correlates to the Leafs winning or losing. If they are winning, I am allowed to ask questions about the game/players/pool or anything non-hockey related. If it's close, I keep strictly to questions about what is been played out on the ice. If they are losing, I keep my mouth shut, try to become invisible and usually try to leave the room. This year I will have to think about how to get Bauer out with me, I don't need a hostage situation breaking out because the opposing team (namely Ottawa) won. again.

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