October 10, 2006


Thanksgiving went well. Everyone came with their appetites and we have very few leftovers. Just the sweet stuff and some turkey for a casserole. Ohh, casseroles, RJ's favorite!!
The Turkey was tender and moist but BOY do those things give off a lot of grease. I don't know how people can make gravy out of it. I know I've just offended probably half the readers, but if you can show me how it's possible to make a non-greasy gravy then be my guest. Until then, the gravy comes of out of a packet into water and we stir for 5 minutes. I know, I know, sacrilegious. And for the final nail in the coffin, the stuffing is from a box too!! Come on now, no one really cares once it's in the gut.
Thanks again to everyone for coming and for bringing their meal-time contributions. I never would have been able to do everything myself. I am very thankful for a family I can out-source to.Here is Grandpa Payne showing RJ how to 'handle' a turkey. Thank goodness the turkey isn't as pesky as Grandpa's squirrels are. I mean were!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. I just remembered you have a blog (whatever that is)and thought I would look it up.
Thanks again for a wonderful turkey dinner, truly something to be thankful for as well as my many other blessings.
I just hope people who read your blog don't think Grandma & I ate Squirrels instead of turkey???????

With Love
Grandpa Payne