October 11, 2006

Bauer vs Jaws

James and Mel stayed with us for a few days over Thanksgiving. It was the first time Bauer had met his cousin Oscar. Of course, there were no official plesantries exchanged when they met. They just went at it and started playing. And continued playing. And were still playing late into the night. They never stopped unless they were separated. Then they collapsed with fatigue. But with a glance of the other and they were playing again.

In this corner we have Bauer, a 5 month, 30 pound novice to the ring. And in this corner we have Oscar, a 7 month, 70 pound been-around-the-block ringer. Ding ding, and they're off.

Bauer is lured in with a false sense of dominance.

He is quickly taken down by the gleaming white jaws of Oscar. It looks like a maulling between a dog and a polar bear.
They had tonnes of fun and Bauer slept the entire next day. That's my kind of play-date.

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