February 23, 2007

I've a blog in my throat

I haven’t been blogging consistently for a while because I’ve been procrastinating on a certain entry. Lately RJ and I have been reviewing posts to see where we were at what we did over the past year. The blog has become a diary of our life, which is great, it’s one of the reasons I started it. So, good for me, insert checkmark here (I’m very list orientated). However the good/bad, happy/sad all have to be recorded for it to be an accurate reflection. I’ve been procrastinating about this post because I wanted it to be special. But maybe it should be simple. I wasn’t sure what to say, what not to say, what to show and feel. So I’ve procrastinated. (as I am doing now) So here goes.

Grandpa (Bill) Payne passed away January 29, 2007 from complications arising from his heart surgery. We are all very sad. And when I say ‘all’, I mean an amazing amount of people. Bill was a part of so many lives. There were people who had met him only a few times and other life long friends of 80 years that shared memories and stories with us during the visitations and reception. I was privileged to get to know him and Alma over the past 5 years. Bill made my transition into the Payne family a little smoother. He was very charming, sincere and funny. He was never without a joke or a story. Bill always made me feel at ease and that what I said and did I mattered to him. He was a true gentlemen and we will miss him.
But why the picture of tarts? Bill loved his sweets, especially butter tarts. I hear it’s a Payne-gene thing. When RJ and I went to see him mid-January I baked him a few. It was my first time attempting them. Needless to say, the third batch was presentable. Good enough I hoped for a coinsurer of the tarts. Bill was thankful for the sweets as he hadn’t been able to move around too much and bake his own. I heard later from a friend of his that he had really enjoyed them.

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