February 26, 2007

Snow fun

This past week I have been working on a few layouts. The only problem is, I get 75% of them done and then stop. I'm not sure how to finish them off. I find the paper, the pictures and then...pause.... I get stuck. But this layout I did in under an hour. The snow letters were already on the paper so I just added prisma glitter (which I thought was a stroke of genius) and then added the stamped banner across the bottom and some snow flakes. Voila done. I wish they all went this quickly. Hopefully I'll be posting more this week as I have given up watching useless TV. That's right, no more sitting and vegging out in front of the tube. It's been good so far (5 days) but I am still watching 24, LOST and The Office. Can't give it all up. I just can't.

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