March 10, 2007

I went to my local scrapbook store up the street and got some new paper. Matching paper, because I suck at matching paper myself. Let the manufactures do it, it's there job! So I'm making cards. My standard card. Top 3", bottom 2", width of both 6" accessorize with either a ribbon or cardstock separtor. Nothing original but I can get four cards done in1/2 hour and using only half the paper.
Going through the LSS I realized that my paper supply is getting to look a little outdated. There are so many cool patterns and colurs and styles. I seriously had to control myself, because while it is just paper, it can get very expensive. I originally went to get paper for my wedding album. Yes it's almost been 5 years, but I will get it done. I'll stay focused and on task. And if I need a distraction I can easily whip up 4 cards!

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