April 23, 2007

The RJ post

It's been a few weeks since I posted. A lot and not a lot has happened. Boy am I glad for pictures or else my memory would have been all "....uh, yeah, we did stuff, good stuff too! I just can't recall everything all the time! Gooooshhh!" But I don't have to be that way because I took pics! And now Mom, here is your long awaited up date. RJ and I went St. Jacobs to get new runners (the Mennonites didn't make them, Saucony did) and look Jen, the horses are friendly. We may have to go for a country horse-drawn tour when it gets warmer (it was cold then). It was the Elora Maple Syrup Festival that weekend and over 60,000 people crowded into the very small town. The overflow came to St. Jacobs, the next available tourist attraction and small town, Saturday morning, because you can only have so much syrup before the sugar high starts to hurt! Then it was Easter and yes I did put bunny ears on Bauer. Doesn't he look cute? and smiling too! We had dinner at Aunt Di and Uncle Mikes with the family. Good turkey and good times as always. Too short of a long weekend thought, as I was sick for two of the three days. Just a head cold but it hit at the right time and I was out of it. Thank goodness for DayQuil.
Easter weekend also meant The Master was on. RJ was extremely disappointed with the snow that came down all weekend. Here he and Bauer are cursing the weather. RJ just couldn't get into The Masters this year with it being so nice there and so snowy here.
So some people but Santa hats and bunny ears on their dog,. others put TML t-shirts on. We had the blue and white out, and the Gardens seat out and while they won the game they lost the season. Another year without the playoffs to watch. I think someone is answering my prayers! I also got video of RJ watching the Leafs play. Really just for my own amusement, I don't think he knows what a show he can put on.
Now we have reached the nap portion of our post. RJ and Bauer of course took their turns at their mid-day siestas, however Bauer did not hold RJ during his naps. Aaaawwwwhhhh..
Last weekend RJ got out and swung his home-brewed clubs for the first time and shot his second best round ever!!! An 82 for the golfers out there. He woke Cam up at the crack of 9am Sunday morning. He couldn't wait any longer. Like me at Christmas!
And finally, RJ had an 8K race last Saturday. He did well but his MP3 player died 1 minute before the race time (low battery unfortunately. He was ready to drive to Best buy and get the iPod asap).
That's all for now. I know that there wasn't a lot in there about me. I've been working really hard and doing some spring cleaning. Walking to prepare for the 1/2 marathon (21 K) Jen and I are doing mid-May in Mississauga. This is all in preparation for the 5 K swim we have in August. I know it's a little overkill in the training department, but go big or go home, right!

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