May 27, 2007

7862 hours

I've often heard people calculate how much time they'll spend in their life sleeping or eating , standing in line or watching TV. We are going to have to start calculating how much time we spend throwing Bauer's ball.

This repetitive, albeit no-brainer, action can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours. It's regularly done in intervals; after breakfast, after dinner and possibly between the hours of 7-9pm. On the weekend, while we are both home, the time can double and if it's been a rainy day, such as today, an extra 45-90 minutes can be added on.

Our lovable mutt, and his jumbled genetic characteristics, is all Lab when it comes to playing fetch. He loves it and encourages (to put it nicely) us to play with him all the time. While we are preparing dinner in the kitchen, he will toss the ball in our direction, right under our feet, and take up his three point stance. One little paw tucked up under him, allowing him to pivot in any direction once his ball has been kicked. He will hold this stance and stare at the ball until one of us turns around. I sometimes think he thinks the more intense his stare is, the higher probability the ball might move, maybe on it's own. we wish that was true.

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