September 24, 2007

Good morning Sunshine, the Earth says hello!

As seen on Hwy 24, during my commute. Yes, it was taken while driving. BUT I won't be seeing much of it this week because I'm on vacation! Nothing big planned, although not getting up and driving to work everyday is quite refreshing. We are heading to Buffalo for a shopping day trip and staying 1 night in Niagara Falls (Canadian side). I've never been to the Falls, and I feel a little less-Canadian admitting it. But I will have rectified that soon and have photographic evidence too boot!

Have a great week everyone.
p.s. Y'all can tell that it's a happy face on the side of the hill right?


Cherrie said...

I love that song. I sing it to my kids. Who sings it?

Cherrie said...

Found it