September 30, 2007

Niagara for the night

We had a nice couple of days away in Buffalo/Niagara. We did really well shopping and had no problem at the border with our total $450 purchases. We arrived at the Hotel around 5pm. Our falls view was this: The US falls just off the the left. Before the Casino and parking garage (to the right of this picture) was built it supposedly a beautiful view Of both falls. We went to dinner at The Keg and was pleasantly surprised by their view of the CDN falls. And there was a full moon for about 20 minutes before it hid beneath the clouds. After dinner we went to the Casino. I'd never been before so it was quite the experience. First we were up $13 then down to $0 then up to $5. We lost but won back the money we put in and ended $5 over. We did the main strip and Niagara Falls Wednesday morning. It was overcast and drizzly. Although we weren't sure if it was drizzly rain or windy mist coming off the Falls. A very nice older gentleman offered to take our picture. He put the camera up to his face and then took it down,looking quizzically at the back of it. I realized that he was looking for the viewfinder, which my camera doesn't have. I told him there was no viewfinder and that he would have to use the screen instead. He said 'Oh, Okay', and then instinctively but the camera back up to his face and took the picture. I couldn't stop smiling at his cuteness and figured the picture wasn't going to turn out. But with a little straightening and cropping we got this. Pretty good, I think.

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