September 11, 2007


Scene at home: RJ and I on the couch watching disc 3 of Prison Break, Season 2
Scene on TV: Female Nurse looking around FBI car for keys

Me thinking: Why would he leave the keys in the car? That’ so TV.

Nurse goes to leave car, turns back, reaches under dashboard and starts to pull out wires.

K : Oh No! She is NOT doing that is she?

Nurse continues to pull on wires.

K: They are NOT telling me that Nurse can hotwire a car? That’s like ME being able to hotwire a car!

They break away from Nurse, not showing if she did or didn’t hotwire the car.

K: If she hotwired that car, well, off all the things on this show that has got to be the most unbelievable thing I’ve seen.

Nurse shows up in her car, which meant she had to have hotwired the FBI car.

K: How disappointing.

The scene ends with Nurse and Pretty Boy Hero getting into her car. She then says to him ‘seat belt’. Now that would be expected from her. Even thought, by this point, most of them have already escaped death with or without a seatbelt.

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