October 19, 2007

Colour: Old Vine

When I was on vacation a few weeks ago (feels like a life time ago!) I painted our kitchen. I thought I would start here because it is the most complete of all the rooms at Dansbury. We bought a dinette set around this time last year so to finish of the room all it needed was a colour on the walls.

Flash to 1 year later, and it's done! And it seems that green is the new popluar colour for Fall. I gotta tell ya, it's going to last a lot longer than just this Fall because it was bleepin' hard to paint all the knooks and cranies. I spent half the time looking up and painting free hand. But I'm surprised at how good it looks.


Arge said...

You did a great job honey- painting and picking the colours!

mel said...

It looks awesome, Karen!