October 23, 2007

Paris (ONT to clarify)

Jen and I decided to go to Paris this weekend. I'd been through Paris on the way to a friend's house but have never stopped to do a walk-about of the main street shops. Jen and I started with lunch at Cafe de Paris. A very nice little place, with an outside patio that looks onto the Grand River. Because it was 24 degrees out (just weird for October) we opted for the patio and not the inside where it felt like 44 degrees. While service was slow (there was a note on the menu that said there was only three employees working, and that our patience was appreciate) the food was excellent. Jen had the flat bread pizza (her third choice, as the first two things she ordered were sold out) and I had the quesadilla. The cafe is the building to the left of the open space between the buildings, about 1/3 from the right of the picture.Then we hit the street and went into every shop that was open. At least half the shops are not open on Sundays and while this one has flexible hours....... 'Whenever ' in Paris on Sundays means 4 o'clock.
This is the appropriately named "A Hotel".
And this is the 'A Jen' for those of you who don't know her. This is also an action shot of her elbowing me while "putting her foot down" about not wanting her picture to be taken on the bridge with the beautiful scenery. Of course I did't listen to her and snapped away. While she says no, her eyes say 'try it and walk home!' She's a tough cookie.

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