October 24, 2007

Who's out there?

I want to know if anyone beside my Mom is reading this blog. I'm okay if it's just her, but some of my up-coming posts are targeted to an audience that's not my Mom. Note to MOM: It's nothing bad, it's stuff you already know, but if I put the effort into typing it, I hope that others out there in "Inter-Web Land" will benefit.

There is a survey on the right hand side that will be up for a week. So please take a second and click on your answer.

Thanks in advance. (Mom, only click once. You don't need to make me feel better by fudging the numbers!)


Nicole said...

Just for the record - I read the Blog - and you had better not quit! It is awewome. Love the new colours of the kitchen too by the way - what a huge difference!! LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

Because mel has voted from our IP address, I may not vote. You can count one more under "family".
- James

Dad said...

Dad reads this also so hang in and keep writing.

Cherrie said...

I read it to, I only started min because of you and Nic