December 18, 2007

Chocolates that pack a punch

I received a gift at work today from our Mexican distributor. It is a liquor bottle full of Tequila filled chocolates. I'm not a big fan of Tequila, so I guess it's good I got the chocolates and not the bottles of tequila. I remember having a shot of tequila once. It was last call at the Moose Pub, with my 1st year roommate Anna and my other friend Natasha. It was my first and to date, last shot of tequila. I don't remember having any ill side effects the next morning, in fact I slept really well. There was a brief loss of memory on how I got back to my room. I have my awesome roommate Anna 'who can hold her liquor' to thank for that.

Back to the chocolates. I was told that they packed quite a little punch. And after telling RJ that he was set on trying one.

Me: Why don't you bite off half?

RJ: Why?

Me: Just in case you don't like it.

RJ snickers and pops the whole thing in his mouth.

RJ after 2 bites in: It's okay.

RJ after 4 bites in: Wow! that is strong. There is a lot of liquor in there.

RJ after 6 bites in: You aren't going to like this.

RJ after swallowing: Try one!

After that enthusiastic play by play, I think I'll wait until I need a good nights sleep.

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