January 14, 2008

Book Club: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

This Saturday was my first meeting of Book Club. My friend Krista invited me when she found out that I was currently reading the same book. It was a lot of fun. Excellent eats for lunch, a few glasses of wine and a group of very lovely girls. I had a wonderful time considering I was the new member. That's saying a lot. I usually hang back like a wall-flower when it comes to socializing. But everyone was very warm and friendly. We spent the first few hours talking and eating and then we talked about the book. It was a very interesting discussion. As Krista said "It's so much fun to have 10 people read one book and hear such diverse points of view." I'm really looking forward to the next meeting.

BTW: My opinion of the book was 'Alright'. I think I enjoyed the book more after having discussed it. The most interesting question was 'What would Phoebe's life have been like if David hadn't given her away? What would the other character's lives have been like?'


Nicole said...

Here's another one you NEED to read - just finished it and WOW - it was good.

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Cherrie said...

Hi there, I'm catching up on your blogs...loved the Cadbury egg one, then I come to this one...I just watched this on Lifetime last night and I was crying like a baby! Doug and the kids went to my parents for the night and I opted for cleaning the house and watching a good chick flick...how weird!!