January 30, 2008

George Michael

A conversation between Jen and I while at the straw/napkin counter at the movie theater.

J: I’m surprised we haven’t seen this film (Juno) sooner.
K: I know.
J: It’s got Jennifer Garner in it, who we love and Jason Bateman who we really like too.
K: Have you seen the previews for Eli Stone.
J: No but I read Jack (Bristow) is in it.
K: I know so is George Michael.
J: George Michael? I didn’t know that.
K: Yeah George Michael. Faith.
J: Faith who?
K: No “You gotta have Faith”
J: You mean…
K: George Michael the singer. Not George Michael (from Arrested Development)
J: Oh, because we call him (the actor Michael Cena) George Michael.
K: I know but this time I meant George Michael.
J: Oh. I really like that song.

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