January 09, 2008

There's nothin' like a round up!

The Record reports 40 cows run free through Waterloo,
Police and a hastily assembled crew of farmers were scrambling late last night to catch a herd of cattle running free in Waterloo.
At about 6:40 p.m., police started getting calls from residents on Woolwich Place, near RIM Park, who said cows were running through their backyards.
About 40 beef cattle had escaped from an area farm and were threatening to cross busy University Avenue and head toward a crowded residential area.
Officers stationed their cars along University Avenue and were prepared to shoot the animals if they risked causing collisions with cars, Staff Sgt. Rudy Smith said.
A crew of farmers drove tractors with bright spotlights into wet fields a few hundred metres from University Avenue East, trying to form a line to push the cattle into one corner.
"I've never seen 40 cattle on the loose. I've seen eight before, but never this many," Sgt. Mel Snyder said.
Along with herding cows, Snyder also had to get a tow truck to pull one of his officer's stuck cruisers out of a muddy field.
Police were asking residents to stay off the roads as they attempted to herd the cattle.
At least one officer was to be stationed by University Avenue overnight to keep the cattle on the eastern side of the road.
By 10 p.m., the cattle were congregating in a bushy area near the Grand River.
The humane society was standing by, but no animals had been injured at press time.
Police were also trying to keep the animals from rushing onto the fairways of nearby Grey Silo Golf Course. "I don't think the groundskeeper (or RJ) would appreciate that very much," Snyder said.

I love living in the country. Or rather close to the country. Black cow image from The Pioneer Woman. Check out her website for great photos, recipes and hilarious insights on living in the country running a cow farm. Nic, you'd love it!

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Nicole said...

Wow, and I thouht things like this only happened in the west!!