February 15, 2008

Hidden Paint Colours

There was a brief appearance by The Sun last weekend so I siezed the opportunity to look at paint chips in the natural light. About a month ago I took almost every colour chip HDepot had of thier Behr paint. I cautiously collected them and hid them in the folds of a large Speciality Exterior paint booklet (one of the largest booklets there). Once I had what I wanted I found RJ in the power tool aisel and started to make a dash for the car. Like in the IKEA commercial I found myself speed walking and yelling 'Start the Car! Start the Car!'. To my amazement not one HDepot employee turned their head. But RJ sure did shake his.
Acutally I just took the chips I liked, maybe 2/3 of what they offer. I made my own colour wheel by punching a hole in the top left corner and put a single binder ring through it to hold it all together. I was pretty happy with myself when I did it. But now, I want them all. It just dosen't feel complete. Not knowing what the 200-300C series looks like is bothering me. Maybe my hallway paint colour is there. So I head back this weekend with my Exterior Paint booklet to complete the set. Wish me Luck!

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