February 29, 2008


Did anyone watch LOST last night? It was so good. I love this new season with the flash forwards. Technically it’s not answering any existing questions, only giving me a whole bunch of new ones.
I was so tense during the last 5 minutes of the show. ‘Penny, just give him your phone number!”. I was on the edge of my seat until she said it. Then, like Desmond, I repeated the number to myself. Like me knowing the number will help him remember it! But what a happy ending. I loved the cutting back and forth between the two of them on the phone. I almost (almost) cried with happiness for them.
Now what’s with the Black Rock Journal and why does Penny’s Dad want it so badly? Is that how Penny knows about the island? Give Me My Remote has some excellent question about last night’s episode. I’m always scanning the screen when I watch LOST because you never know who or what will make an appearance/re-appearance. Seeing the ship The Black Rock at the auction sent me into a tizzy. I love this season of LOST. So puzzling and challenging for me to keep everything straight.


Nicole said...

Well I am glad you are still finding it entertaining - I am so pissed off at this show I can't even watch it anymore. Let it be known I am officially LOST ....

Nicole said...

That being said - keep me posted.........who did Kate have the baby with??