April 01, 2008


We spent some time in our basement trying to organize The Mess Under the Stairs. Not as creepy as the movie The People Under the Stairs, but if we gave it another year, it might be. That movie was so creepy. B-movie creepy. Watching it at the cottage where the stairs down to the dock are open at the back and knowing that a hand could possibly come out and grab you by the ankle. !!Shivers!! (And even though I link to the movie, I really don't recommend it.)
So here is our before picture:As you can see, almost everything is in the lower half of the room. My standard answer to that is (all together now) Shelves!

It's hard to see the new shelf on the right side against the 'wall' (it's really just the frame of a wall) but that's where I put the most commonly used items. I utilized the little space under the stairs for items we rarely use and piled my massive amount of Christmas decorations against the far wall. A quick sweep (yes that's the dirt pile in the bottom left) and we're done.

p.s. Oh no they aren't?!? A little look-up on IMDB shows that there is going to be a People Under the Stairs 2. I guess original film ideas are REALLY hard to come by.

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