April 02, 2008


Saturday night we played Rock Band at a friends house and had a TOTAL blast. RJ is so stoked that I enjoyed it because I don't like to play video games. I played Easy level the entire night but my biggest problem was hitting the yellow/middle button with my ring finger. I was missing so many yellow notes at one point I thought I might have to start strength exercises. Then we switched instruments and I played the bass guitar and rocked it. Bass was where my talent was as I scored around 80-90% a song. Then our friend tells me that the yellow key on the guitar was sticking and that it wasn't my finger strength at all. Whew.

Now RJ and I are considering getting our own Rock Band. We need to 'up' our game to at least the Medium level before we have our friends over. But, then there is our TV. Realistically it would be tight to have 4 people playing this game on a 27" screen. Personally I think this has been RJ's master plan all along: get me addicted to Rock Band so we have a legitamate reason to upgrade the TV. Nice try honey, but I'm on to you. I know how you operate!

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Anonymous said...

"Realistically it would be tight to have 4 people playing this game on a 27""

Just to let you know... the word "tight" is now synonomous with cool, hip, excellent. So in your anti-TV argument, you could ask R.J. "Wouldn't it be tight around our TV"... he'd get excited and say "Yeah it would".. and therefore would be agreeing to NOT buy a new TV.

You're welcome.

- James