April 10, 2008

This movie in one word: Classy

Last night I saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It was absolutely lovely. The story was simple, the characters were engaging and the acting/casting was superb. Every scene moved the story forward and every line was perfect. It had a very nostalgic feel for two reason. First, it was set in London, a few weeks before WWII started. The costumes and set design was impeccable and captured the style and essence of that time perfectly. I went with my costume-designer friend who thought the costumes were gorgeous and perfect for that time. Secondly the story was 'classic' and has been likened to the films of yester-year. I read somewhere that Cary Grant would have been the perfect Michael if this film had been made 60 years ago. So true.
It’s been so long since I’ve been this excited about a movie. I’ve told everyone and now I’m telling you, go see it and enjoy!
p.s. Yes that is the PieMaker Lee Pace, a tall drink of water to keep with their lingo.

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