April 10, 2008

The Uptown

Going to the Princess Twin Cinema last night reminded me of the Uptown Theater in Orangeville. It’s been over 15 years since I’ve been there but I remember it very well. This morning while driving to work I tried to remember all the movies that I saw there as a kid.
~ The first was Pinocchio I believe. I went with my Dad and remember bringing home an unfinished box of popcorn.
~ Then ET. My brother and I went with our neighbors across the street for their son’s birthday. There were 4 adults and 4 children and by the end of the movie each adult had a child on their lap crying. Thank goodness for the young ladies in the row behind us who shared their Kleenex.
~ We saw Harry and the Hendersons as a family (how could we not?) in the summer. I think the kids next door came as well.
~ During March Break Mom took us to see Robin Hood (the Disney cartoon) with her friend and her two girls. The four kids got to sit in our own row, so grown up. There was a scene in the movie where a character yells “Seize the fat one!” I think we repeated that line 100 times or more that day.
~ I went with a group of 4 girls in grade 8 to see Police Academy (the last one). It was filmed in Caledon and one of the girls I went with was an extra in the final scene. It was cheapy Tuesday so the theater was packed and we got there late so we couldn’t find seats together.
~ During The Seventh Sign I sat in the front row with my friends from Public school. I’d never sat in the front row before but, again, we got there late.
~ I wanted to see Can’t Buy Me Love soooo badly. I can’t remember why but it was the 80's so I'll say it's was my foolish youthfulness. My Dad took me. He did not have the same yearning to see it. But he sat in the theater surrounded by giggly teenage girls and I love him for it.
~ I told my mom at the last minute that I had to go see Project X that night because all my friends were going to be there. She had a sorority meeting so it was all very rushed but she did get me to the theater and then to her meeting on time. What I really remember is the green construction paper cutouts in the shape of her hand on her jean skirt she wore that night. It was some crazy dress-up theme night.

Those are the few movies that came to me. I really liked the Uptown and will always have fond memories of it. The following bio and the picture above are from here.
The Uptown Theater is located on Broadway in downtown Orangeville, Ontario about 45 minutes north of Toronto. It opened in the late 1940's and operated as a one screen movie theater until the late 1970's. The Uptown then was turned into a two-screen theater with one screen on the main floor and the other one in the balcony. It had room for over 780 people to enjoy a great film back in the 1940's to the late 1970's. In the 1980's to late 2002's it had room for over 650 people. The Uptown closed sometime in 2002 and then re-opened again later in the year as a church.

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