June 18, 2008

Something wicked this way comes.

Most of Southern and Eastern Ontario have been experiencing interesting weather this spring. Luckily nothing has really come out of it (knock on wood) other than some really cool cloud formations.At first glance I thought of the Dementors descending from the sky in Harry Potter.
To the right there was sunshine and white puffy clouds. But I couldn't get my camera to focus on that through the window.There was no rain and little wind, but the clouds were swirling around in circles. Rolling like waves coming onto the shore.Eventually it passed and it was all 'Sunshine and Smiles'. I really should have thought this through and set up a tripod and taken a frame per minute. Ah, live and learn.

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Anonymous said...

Love these pics!! Look at those clouds, we've had the same ones here in Orangeville...