June 17, 2008

Father's Day 10K

For the third time we took to the streets early Sunday morning for the Father's Day 10K. This year RJ's sister Jo and her husband Steve joined us and so did RJ's friend Craig. It was really great weather, not hot and muggy like the first year. Jo and I stayed in the stadium with the puppies and waited with cameras in hand.

Here are 'The Runners Three' at the start.Craig was the first to run by smiling and waving. He's always smiling.Steve was next. No time for waving, Steve is a professional. But I got the thumbs up!And closely after was RJ. He knows the drill when it comes to photo opts, turn to face the camera, smile and wave. I've taught him well.A great race by all three. And of course there was the annual nap-fest that afternoon.

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