July 02, 2008

On a bicycle made for thirty

A few of my fellow co-workers* and I took part in the The Big Bike Ride to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. We raised over $3500 and yes we are wearing matching shirts.**
I'm in the fifth row and while I was oblivious that a volunteer was taking our picture the Sales Rep behind me wasn't. Can you see?
That's right, bunny ears! and yes he is eight.

When we signed-up for the event we were told that we would ride across the mall parking lot. However, once we were all seated on the bike we were informed that our police escort was running late and that we would just go ahead and bike onto Hespler Rd (aka Hwy 24!) without them.

With some hesitation we started peddling and headed through the parking lot down to the road. As we moved (much quicker than I thought possible) our Big Bike driver yelled over the microphone "We're turning right, everyone on the right side stick out your arm". Trying to turn a 30 passenger bike at this clip with one arm on the handle and the other in the air was definitely a test of my upper body strength. And as RJ and my brother both know from our 'Don't Hit Yourself' battles, I have no upper arm strength.

We continued up Hespler through three traffic lights and then turned left onto a side street. I think we were the highlight*** of some drivers afternoon because I saw at least 3 camera phones held out and one person actually stopped their car to take a picture of us. Overall is was pretty fun and we raised money for a good cause.
*I don't usually post about work but if and when I do I won't mention the company name or any employee names. All this anonymity for the 5 people who read this and already know where I work!!
**This was not the lamest thing we did. Yelling 'Charge' ever time we started peddling from a stopped position was the lamest. But we did it because we have spirit, yes we do!
***I know 'highlight' is probably too positive of a term to use. They were probably laughing at us not with us.

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