July 03, 2008

Another family tussell

Saturday Bauer and Cousin Oscar got some built up energy out of their systems. With all the rain this past June Bauer hasn't been getting his two-a-day walks and his energy level has been escalating. I don't think there is another dog that Bauer rumbles with as intensely as Oscar. It can get a little heated sometimes but they are both good puppies and stop when told to. It's definitely a dominance thing bewteen them but the action shots always turn out great.Here's Bauer trying to apply his signature head lock which can sometimes look like a hug.In turn Oscar responds with the famous Ka-ra-te Chop! Bauer now goes in for the full on tackle.
But wait, what's this?Attack of the Golden-Doodle Triceratops? How can he be so cute but look so fierce?

1 comment:

mel said...

Look how long Oscar's head hair is!! It's crazy! Thank goodness he got it cut...he was starting to look like a homeless mongrel :P