July 09, 2008

Stage Kit

RJ received an email from a friend announcing that Rock Band was releasing an add-on Stage Kit, due out this summer. The kit includes a smoke machine and a light display, both will be timed to the song you are rockin' to.

RJ’s response: What next? groupies?
Friend: Yeah, the blowup kind. But that’s a different store altogether.

As I’ve said before Rock Band is a lot of fun to play, but where will it end? I grabbed these comments from some of the on-line forums about the Stage Kit:

- What could be greater than being that bit closer to your rock'n'roll dream? You did stop to notice you are chucking out pseudo riffs on a big, fake plastic guitar, right?
- The kit includes everything you need to put on your own Spinal Tap-esque stage show in your garage, except for the 18-inch tall Stonehenge.

- I just burn some toast for smoke and get some friends to flick the lights on and off = instant stage show.
- Oh look, now I can play Rock Band while the smoke machine squirts smoke at me and I can't see the screen!
- I had an idea for a USB device that would shoot bras and panties at you when you got star power, just to give you the complete rock band experience.
- Shouldn't this have been called the asthma and epileptic version?

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