July 08, 2008

RJ's Christmas in July

Another Cheesebag has come and gone. It seems that we spend so much time preparing for this blessed event that when it's over we have to sit down and say to ourselves, "Is it worth it?" Of course to the group of happy guys it is: The Cheesebag Winners of 2008. That's right, 6 consecutive wins and now with two different teams. RJ has started comparing himself to Mark Messier. (Sports fans may know what this means, everyone else????)

After a week of silence and a feeling of contentment the discussions for 'Where are we going next year' have started. I'll tell you where I'm going...I'm going Crazy!!

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Arge said...

Mark Messier captained two different teams to Stanley Cup championships, but didn't win his Cups consecutively!

I'm poring over Golf Mag back issues as we speak for venues for 2009!