September 22, 2008

Green Bananas

Scene: Produce department at local grocery store

K: Do you want Mac apples?
RJ: Yeah.
K: Okay you get those and I’ll…oh, the bananas are green, yeah!, I’ll grab those.
Walking back I see the smirk on RJ's face.
K: What? What are you thinking?
RJ: I was living a ‘
Dexter’ moment in my head. “How can she get so excited about green bananas. Why can’t I be excited? If I had a heart it would probably be excited about green bananas too”
K: You have serious issues.
RJ: I know.

p.s. I did 'Yeah' quite loudly in the produce department for the green bananas. But you see, they're always too ripe. It was a nice little shopping bonus. Score 1 for Karen.

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