October 19, 2008

Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade started at 8:30am and there was a huge turnout. I read that the Food Bank of Waterloo Region and Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest raised 21,220 lbs of non-perishable food items and $18,429.83 in cash donations along the parade route. That's amazing. We ROCK!
To start the Parade we have Onkel Hans???? What the....Poor Onkel Hans had a bit of a rough morning. It's too early for all of us. Put on your happy face Hans, the kiddes are watching.
Yeah! Onkel Hans is back on track. Maybe if they got him a smaller-than-his-head beer stein he wouldn't have so many reasons to fall down on the job!
The horse drawn carriage was very pretty and I loved the fall colours. Especially backed by the LCBO signage. Get use to it, I didn't have much space to move around.
Then the Police Marching and Piping Band came through. A wonderful autumn day to be wearing a kilt.Then the Burlington Teen Tour Band. Considering RJ is a 'you've seen one, you've seen them all' when it comes to marching bands, he went on about how this band was good and travelled all over and was very well known. Could it be because it was from his home town? Nah!
The Grand Marshall Onkel Hans (this one more up-right) gave us a little wave. BTW Onkel Hans got a new look for the Oktoberfest 40th Anniversary. He's a little slimmer and promoting more of a healthy lifestyle. I guess that's on the other 355 days of the year.Bauer did really well with the crowds and sirens and kids and horses. However, we were not expecting the traditional German whip cracking. That's when the cookies came in handy. He ignores the whips if there are cookies nearby. He was a very good boy and let all the kiddies pet him. Last but definitely not least was this very flamboyant fellow. 'Who could that be I?' asked RJ. Without missing a beat he answered 'He's the Liberace of Oktoberfest.' You can't see the gold sequins and bejeweling on his pants and vest very well in this picture, but trust me, it's an accurate description of this outfit. That or a life preserver in feathers.
We didn't stay for the end, we ran out of cookies. I did wonder how the parade would end, what would the last float be? For those of you wondering it's the Horn of Plenty. Doh! why didn't I think of that?

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