October 20, 2008

A Story in 3 Posts ~ The Begining

October 11th, 9am, Zehrs parking lot.

As we headed back to the car with our second set of groceries reality was setting in, I was not going to find MY brand of stuffing. The previous two grocery stores were out of stock and I was silently hoping that the third and final store in the area would have the ONLY stuffing I know how to make. Yes that's right, my stuffing comes from a box. So be it.

I opened the car door and set my bags on the already full back seat. RJ was doing the same on the passenger side. After I closed my door and got in the car I heard a 'thud' coming from RJ's side. Something heavy had fallen out of a bag and onto the pavement.

K: What was that? What dropped?

RJ: uh (looking around) oh, it was your prune juice, Grandma.

K: It's not prune juice! It's pomegranate juice. It's good for you.

RJ: Right.

K: It is. Did you check it? It isn't leaking all over my back seat is it?

RJ: It's alright. Let's get going.

Later at home (BTW no luck with the stuffing) while putting away the groceries, I quickly realized that fridge space was going to be at a premium this weekend and decided that the unopened POM juice would have to go in the pantry until after Thanksgiving. And there is sat, on the second last shelf, not thought of for days. Until unexpectedly on Tuesday night...

Stay tuned for Post 2 ~ The Middle.

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