October 02, 2008

September 101 update

I completed 2 tasks on my list this month.
#89 – Frame The Club print. (Artist ~ B. Jane Magee)
There was a 60% discount framing sale at Michaels this month and that made this very affordable. I love how it turned out. I didn't do anything fancy, just a dark green frame with a wood grain texture to it. It's a nice reminder of summers at the cottage. Especially with winter fast approaching.

# 9 - Registered for Design Your Life at Big Picture Design.
The course starts October 2nd and runs to December 25th. It's all done through correspondence, so it fits into my life when I have the time. I love Cathy’s Blog and I'm a big fan of her simple, clean lines.

Other tasks I am continuing to work on:
#44 – A picture of me a month - I think every photographer has this problem. My only picture this month was a group shot. It’s a start.
#49 – Monthly donation to charity - 2 this month, Devon’s Walk for a Cure and The Terry Fox Run.
#55 – Monthly movie with friend - American Teen with Amy
#96 – Read 2 books – Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons and King Leary.
#47 – Didn’t make it to the Toronto Film Festival this year. I have to look into this earlier next year. What was I thinking? I could just call Saturday morning and get Screening Room tickets for that day? How naïve!

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