October 06, 2008

Photo a Day ~ Week 1

One of my tasks in '101 in 1001' is a picture a day for 365 days. This will start January 1st, 2009, which I recently calculated as only 84 days away. And knowing me as I do I thought I needed to warm up to the daily picture taking process, so for the month of October I am going to practice. I'm pretty happy with how Week 1 went. The pics are random and a good depiction of my current life.

October 1st:The 'scrap' disaster. I've mentioned I am taking the DesignYourLife course at BigPicture and when I work, I need a lot of room. I spread out. A trait I come by honestly from my Mother.

October 2nd:The Box Office at the Princess Theater. It's very cool and retro looking. (I wish the image was sharper.) The wicket area is not normally used (we buy tickets at the concession stand) but when we walked out they had it open for a special showing of an "artsy film". We saw Bottleshock. Which was a little artsy/indie. A good movie. Alan Rickman is Oscar worthy as the 1970's wine snob. Best line "Why don't I like you?" "Because you think I'm an ass. And I'm not really. It's just that I'm British and you're not."

October 3rd:

I turned on the heat. I was sooo cold the night before I couldn't take it one minute longer.

October 4th:
I painted the main hallway. I've had the same painting pants for years. The top left pocket is the handiest area to wipe off my hand, the brush, the roller etc. These colours are mostly from painting Dansbury but there is a light yellow from the condo and a peachy colour from the Payne cottage.

October 5th:I have a really nice picture of RJ and I after our round of golf at Conestoga that I could have used but I decided to choose this one because normally I don't have a mini-pterodactyl flying 3 feet away from me. What are they feeding these herons?

October 6th:I'm intrigued by the cows down the street from my office. They roam on about 10 acres of land
between the highway and the ever expanding industrial parks our road. I like having the country nearby.

October 7th:I can't believe how long my hair is. It's becoming unmanageable, hence the pig-tails. I don't think I've had decent pig-tails since grade three. I've got to schedule a cut soon.


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i love the photo of your painting pants... i have a pair of ancient jeans that i've used to paint for years and they're sort of like a scrapbook of sorts. whenever i pull them out now to do some painting all the colors on them remind me of places i've lived over the years and home projects i've taken on... a funny little artifact of history, but definitely sort of cool!