December 09, 2008

Forever Homes

I frequent the Cambridge Humane Society's website at least once a day because I want to make sure all the little pups are getting adopted. I have this system. If a pup is on the website for more than a week I say out loud to it's picture "If you are still here Monday, I will adopt you". So far I haven't had to adopt any of them. Did you hear that? That was RJ sighing with relief.

Occasionally I like to read the adopted stories. This story cemented the fact that the Cambridge Humane Society is da' BOMB. Here's Pip's story:

My friends and I were rescued from a shelter in Ohio. They have so many dogs there and not enough space or people wanting to adopt us. We all knew that we couldn't stay in the shelter forever but we didn't know that our time was up. We were very scared and we were desperately trying to find new homes. After dinner one night we heard some people talking about how they felt so bad for us and that this was going to be our last supper. None of us slept and when morning came we didn't want to go. One by one we were leashed up and walked up a very long and dark hallway that we had never walked through before. We hung our heads low as we knew what was next. There was a door at the end of the hallway and when it opened our hearts sank. There were two vans loaded with crates and towels and two ladies telling us to get in. One by one we got into the van, still scared and confused. The ladies told us that they were going to take us to a shelter in Canada and find us new homes. All 23 of us began wagging our tails and howling like crazy. What we all thought to be the worst day of our lives turned out to be one of the best. We arrived at the Cambridge Humane Society pretty late and we were greeted by two more smiling faces. They got us out of our crates and we thanked them by kissing their faces and jumping all over them. It was raining that night but we didn't even care. We ran around in the play area for hours and we even swam in the pools. It got really dark and the girls told us it was time for dinner and then it was bed time. We were starving and exhausted so this was just what we needed. After a couple of days we were ready for adoption and we couldn't wait to find new homes. There were so many people that came in to see us and we are all finding new homes really quick. We wanted to thank everyone for helping us out, adopting us and supporting the Cambridge Humane Society. You are all great and we love you from the bottom of our now hope filled hearts! (Oct 11, 2008)

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Claire said...

that is a wonderful story!

and i think your system is adorable... although i would imagine sooner or later you're going to end up with your second doggie!